Working Conditions in Modern Day China: First-hand. (Picture heavy, text light)

Before boarding my plane for Beijing, I was told and lectured on the abuse and degrading working habits corporations instill upon their workers. This had already given me an idea of what I planned on seeing, but what i personally experienced was extremely different.

First stop: Beijing/Tianjin


The mistake I made when making assumptions was I assumed that all working conditions were as bad as factory positions.

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Of course the factory tour that we had of Yanjing in Beijing was completely fake and tailored to impress foreigners like you and me. Even when we visited Hyundai we still couldn’t catch a glimpse of the traditional Chinese factories I had read about in Factory Girls or in the videos we had watched before our departure.


Not limiting myself to just factory workers I was however able to find workers that worked publically amongst the city. These workers seem very similar to the traditional construction workers we see in America.


We also visited American companies such as P&G and GBBN where working conditions were very much similar to the United States.



There was a stark differences between Beijing and Chengdu working conditions. I most experienced this when we visited the Hongda car dealership. People were subjected to working conditions without A/C and a more informal working style.


Although this might seem normal for any blue collar job, this is also home to many factories, such as the infamous Foxconn.


But it was nice seeing that the country was certainly being westernized, even in Chengdu. A wonderful example of this would be the Hooters that we went visited.



ShenZhen is the home of innovation for all of China. We visited a place near ShenZhen that specialized in innovation. We learned that the Chinese government is pushing for more innovation and is willing to heavily invest in helping the people of China innovate.


This was an interesting stop as we learned about the new technologies that were being invested into via a western-style workplace.

We also visited the QianHai ShenZhen-HongKong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneur Hub.


This allowed us to see the Chinese version of an incubation center for innovation. Heavily funded by the government the facilities here where top-notch. You could also tell the mindset of the people here were not of the same as mainland China, being an SEZ (Special Economic Zone), these people weren’t as heavily restricted in terms of ability to use the internet, and on tariffs and taxes.


With the substantially lower tariffs you can also see that there is a heavy increase in foreign investment. You can see this through the multiple amounts of westernized companies such as KFC and Burger King.


Hong Kong:

Hong Kong was completely westernized and the workers there were much like the workers here. There’s not much else to say other than the working conditions here are very much what I am use to. I look forward to seeing how China’s working conditions will develop in the future!


The best team money can’t buy

If you’re a fan of the Reds read this

Redleg Nation

The most expensive car? The Ferrari LaFerrari, which you can own and drive for a modest $1.13 million. The Tibetan Mastiff is the world’s most expensive dog. One of those puppies recently sold for a cool $2 million, presumably house-trained. And the flawless, 59-carat Pink Star is the most expensive diamond, purchased last year for nearly $87 million.

Not that I can relate to being a consumer of these products, but you’d suspect the new owners are fairly well satisfied with their acquisitions. Or at least that they came with a bags-of-money-back guarantee.

The 2014 Los Angeles Dodgers are the most expensive team in the history of baseball.

The Dodgers’ payroll  of $241 million is $30 million higher than the #2 Yankees’, $60 million more than the #3 Phillies’ and in excess of double the Reds’ $112 million payroll. Eight of L.A.’s players earn at least $15 million this year…

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Road Trip!

ImageSo about two weeks ago i got back from my trip. Max (my roommate) and I took a road-trip to Montreal and back. On the way we stopped at Ceder Point Image


New York ( picture at top)

Montreal, Toronto, and Niagara FallsImage

The road trip was exactly what i needed. Although it wasn’t the most relaxing trip we had a ton of fun every second of the day. Even the camping was fun making s’mores and glow bubbles while meeting people from different states and countries. To make this short I’ll just run through the highlights. In Gettysburg we rode horses through the battle field while learning about the history of the battle. In New York We did everything from the empire State building to China town to Broadway and it was amazing! but not my favorite. We then went to Montreal and stayed there for three days where we ordered beer for the first time (The drinking age is 18 up there so its legal) and had tons of fun. It’s truly an incredible city. Then we went to The Ontario Science Centre where we rushed to Game on 2.0, the history of gaming. Our next stop was at Niagara Falls and that was amazing because we took a boat tour and we were practically under the falls! Plus it was beautiful. We finished at Cherry Springs State Park, the best place to see the stars, where we could watch the meteor shower. Then we went home haha. Thanks for reading!


If your dreams are attainable, are reachable, then you dreams are to miniature to puny

Capstone Night


My Capstone night was a pretty routine night. I’m use to giving presentations so this whole deal wasn’t eating at me to much. I have given presentations for Public Speaking, Marketing, and DECA so i’ve had a lot of practice at presenting. I received awesome grades back from my judges and both judges were familiar with Big Data and one of them worked with Big Data. This of course was intimidating and i was expecting him to grade me harshly but i guess he really like my presentation. All in all it was fun, and i didnt miss to much of my relay for life meeting!

The Fight against cancer!

If any of you readers out there are feeling especially generous, you can donate to my relay for life fund! all proceeds go to cancer research. Many people ask me why this is so important to me but it’s really quite simple we’ve all been touched by cancer in some way whether it is a relative, friend, or coworker. This being said Cancer entered my world when my mom was diagnosed with terminal Lung cancer, they said shed have nine months to live at the most. Next month she will reach her two year anniversary of that visit to the doctors office as she is still alive and kicking. After numerous surgeries, being hospitalized for over two months, experimental radiation and chemotherapy, and 1/3 of one of her lungs left i guess you can say she is winning the fight against cancer. Don’t get me wrong her cancer isn’t gone, but rather then looking at it like that we just look at it as we were blessed for the cancer not to have spread, like predicted, and that she can still enlighten us with her presence. So if you could donate to my Relay for Life fund that’d be awesome, if you can’t, no biggie i understand. Thanks! Oh here’s the link



State of the Research: section 4


After working hard for the past few weeks on my NEW topic and trying to keep up with these blog posts and reading my book, while also trying to contact some names in the BIG DATA area I can say I’m 100% exhausted.  I’ve made a skimpy little outline for section 4 but the real challenge is going to be trying to fit all the data I have from books interviews and articles into organized sections, oh the irony. Over break I need to start filling in the blank spots I have in my section 4 outline and spread out the areas I have too much information, oh I also need to write Section 4 too. Really the only person I’d like to talk to at this point would be the former student Gaff mentioned to me about and ive been holding off on asking because I want my questions to be good and precise enough so that I can support data I already know and fill the blank spots of my outline, I mean why would you ask a question you don’t know the answer to anyway! I’m all good in the book area and I am enjoying the research even though sometimes it can be frustrating with contradicting analyst fighting over where Big Data is going to take us, but hey if anybody out there wants to help just leave a comment! Thanks!

Egan Bligitty bligitty blog


Let me start off by saying I 100% agree with Egan. Although this probably comes off a little bit conceited but when I was younger my parents got divorced, no big deal happens to a lot of kids, but the problems didn’t stop there. My dad was on the road a lot and my mom was not always in the right state of mind with her cancer drugs/chemotherapy/radiation etc. My point is I matured faster then I think I was supposed to because I was always on my own, I had a job from a young age, had to buy/cook food for myself, had to clean the house because my mom wasn’t always able and so forth. I was kind of thrown into the flames at a young age. This launches me into the next question, “Does Sycamore give you a chance to grow in the way that Egan describes?” I’ve read many blogs about this and almost all of them say yes, but I say no. I say no because Sycamore has too much of a cushion for us, for me. You can’t fail a class without trying; everywhere you look there’s tutoring here and after school study sessions there, the real world isn’t like that. I would know. Don’t get me wrong I’m very thankful for all the opportunities sycamore has given me and the safety net that has been provided but when it comes down to it, Sycamore may prepare us for college, but definitely doesn’t prepare us for the real world or Adult hood. But maybe that’s the paradox, by me concluding that sycamore doesn’t help me mature as Egan says we should I’m actually maturing because of my independence of thought to other students, or the way I behave by answering this question differently, or maybe I’m leading my own destiny by writing my true thoughts to the questions presented to me. Maybe I’ve fallen right into the trap!


Sorry it’s late Gaff (blog post job#1)

  1. My topic is how to market you brand successfully. I feel as if some of my sub questions are on the weaker side but at the same time I have four or five questions that I could mine information out for days, an example of one of these questions would be, how do logos affect brands. I’ve put in a lot of effort in finding credible sources, which admittedly has been hard, but once I did it became easier to answer my sub questions. The hardest part was finding credible sources because everyone knows everything like business. I’ve honestly have been researching every day, and have made real progress and have started on my draft.