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I recently watched Ice T’s documentary Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap, and I found it to be a very informative and entertaining piece on hip-hop. I definitely recommend that you (yes, YOU) check it out, if you haven’t seen it. I was particularly interested when they featured Eminem. Ice T and the other rappers who discussed him couldn’t have been more complimentary towards him. Ice T flat-out called Eminem one of the greatest rappers ever. Ice T and Redman were talking about him, and they were both saying that they think that one of the reasons Eminem is so good is because he is White. He knew that as a White rapper he would be facing harsher standards and scrutiny and that it would be harder for him to get accepted, so he had to make sure that he wasn’t just good, he had to be

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The best team money can’t buy


If you’re a fan of the Reds read this

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The most expensive car? The Ferrari LaFerrari, which you can own and drive for a modest $1.13 million. The Tibetan Mastiff is the world’s most expensive dog. One of those puppies recently sold for a cool $2 million, presumably house-trained. And the flawless, 59-carat Pink Star is the most expensive diamond, purchased last year for nearly $87 million.

Not that I can relate to being a consumer of these products, but you’d suspect the new owners are fairly well satisfied with their acquisitions. Or at least that they came with a bags-of-money-back guarantee.

The 2014 Los Angeles Dodgers are the most expensive team in the history of baseball.

The Dodgers’ payroll  of $241 million is $30 million higher than the #2 Yankees’, $60 million more than the #3 Phillies’ and in excess of double the Reds’ $112 million payroll. Eight of L.A.’s players earn at least $15 million this year…

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Happiness: To be or not to be?


“When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.” – John Lennon.  I’m only a freshman but what I have experienced here on campus has thoroughly shocked me. I look left and I see many students with their noses in books, I look right and I only see more kids studying. Many of my friends tell me that they can’t hang out because they have to study for this class or that exam, and that’s all they do. Study. I believe that people should be happier and take the steps that they need to, to become happier. Not just college students but high school students also! I’m not saying that you shouldn’t study and maintain good grades; I’m stating that you shouldn’t let something that you don’t enjoy consume your life.

Imagine sitting at your desk staring out the window as your phone vibrates the wood your laptop is sitting on. You look at your phone and you have several missed text messages asking you, beckoning you, to come hang out. To do something fun. Yet the blinking of the cursor on your screen won’t stop blinking. This is a common problem that I run into. Now, the responsible adult in me tells me that I should start typing up this essay and that studying and completing this paper is the right thing to do. But is it the right thing to do?

Just because you don’t study every second of everyday does not mean you’ll live an unhappy life. This is coming from somebody who would full-heartedly disagree with this statement a year ago, so to really test these words I decided I would hold a little experiment. For the past week I haven’t done more than an hour of homework each night. I decided I’d try new things, or do more of the things I like, and as I’m up sipping my coffee at 3:39am writing this paper I can tell you that I regret nothing. This has been the best week of my life. If you don’t believe me, try it then feel free to criticize me.

Road Trip!

ImageSo about two weeks ago i got back from my trip. Max (my roommate) and I took a road-trip to Montreal and back. On the way we stopped at Ceder Point Image


New York ( picture at top)

Montreal, Toronto, and Niagara FallsImage

The road trip was exactly what i needed. Although it wasn’t the most relaxing trip we had a ton of fun every second of the day. Even the camping was fun making s’mores and glow bubbles while meeting people from different states and countries. To make this short I’ll just run through the highlights. In Gettysburg we rode horses through the battle field while learning about the history of the battle. In New York We did everything from the empire State building to China town to Broadway and it was amazing! but not my favorite. We then went to Montreal and stayed there for three days where we ordered beer for the first time (The drinking age is 18 up there so its legal) and had tons of fun. It’s truly an incredible city. Then we went to The Ontario Science Centre where we rushed to Game on 2.0, the history of gaming. Our next stop was at Niagara Falls and that was amazing because we took a boat tour and we were practically under the falls! Plus it was beautiful. We finished at Cherry Springs State Park, the best place to see the stars, where we could watch the meteor shower. Then we went home haha. Thanks for reading!